Best Poker Tools

Online poker is a lot of fun, but what's more fun? How about winning some cash!?! Well that's where this new breed of software comes in. Tools like caculatem, poker spy and Pokerbility sit by while you play online poker and help you make the correct betting decisions. I’ve tried several of these tools, my favorite is pokerbility. I like pokerbility a lot, it's really a best of breed poker tool. Here’s a quick overview of the software and how you can get your own –absolutely free.

To use pokerbility, you simply download and install the software. Once it's up and running, you enter a poker room and begin playing like normal. To engage pokerbility, you simply drag it's icon over the poker table and that's it, the software does the rest. Now, as cards are dealt, pokerbility automatically reads your hand, and the community cards and calculates your odds of winning, on the fly. With suggestions such as "Hold" or "Check or Fold" it really can't get much easier.

The default settings make for a pretty tight game. This means, you’ll be folding quite a bit. You can loosen these settings up as much as you want, if you simply want to play more hands. Configurable Options include, pre-flop decisions with additional options depending on where you are at the table, (early position, middle, late, big blind). The software essentially uses all known information, including your position at the table to make its decisions.

A few things to keep in mind; First, Pokerbility cannot see other players hole cards, it simply uses the known information – your hand, the table cards, your position at the table etc. Next, even the best poker tools cannot read what’s in another players mind. You still need to watch how other players react and the moves they’re making. For example, the software doesn’t realize that another player at the table is suddenly re-raising, after having folded pre-flop the previous 22 hands, things like that are still your job.

What the software will do is keep track of your chances of winning at any stage of the hand and advice you accordingly – whether you take the advice or not is entirely up to you.

This is the one of the web’s best poker tools, to get yours absolutely free Click Here!