New Web Site Launched for Poker Tournament Players


     (ContentDesk) August 22, 2005 -- Due to the widespread popularity of Poker, many amateurs are emerging from the college dorm rooms to condos trying to become the next "Poker Tournament Champion." With all this hype, hundreds of online poler rooms have popped up and new ones are online daily. But how does one decide where to play poker online? And how can they make their online poker experience profitable?Enter was designed to teach basic poker skills and help players gain a competitive edge in tournament poker games. Route 66 Poker has several helpful articles written by poker veterans for players of all levels of expertise. In addition to an extensive list of poker tournament schedules, also offers promotions and bonuses to be used in a wide variety of online poker rooms."We're excited to announce that we have links to some of the most popular poker news feeds and podcasts on the Internet.

      This allows our members to access valuable poker news and advice from any media playing device rather than being confined to sitting at a computer as they do with other poker sites. In the coming weeks we hope to have our own weekly podcasts available. We feel this will be more convenient and reach out to our technical savvy members," said Juan Harrington, owner and creator of<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

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