New Website that Tracks Weak Poker Players at the Major Online Poker Rooms


     (ContentDesk) August 18, 2005 -- was created to help everyone have a clear advantage even before they start playing. We have an updated list of bad poker players that you can play against, while also offering exciting news and promotions from major online poker rooms. Poker Fish Tracker goes to major online poker rooms and plays against hundreds of different poker players. When a player is noticed making a bad play or a really bad call, they are recorded in our database. Once we have observed they are in fact consistently losing players they are posted on

      Each player is then ranked on a scale from 1 to 5 by how bad they play.It is easy to find players on Poker Fish Tracker to play against because the limits they play are also recorded. Anyone can play these bad players and not have to worry about changing the limits you play already. We are always looking for the biggest money losers and what type of players are doing the losing. The biggest money loser is referred to as a "maniac." A maniac is an extremely loose player who will play monster pots with any two cards. Weak or tight players will give up a lot of pots beucase they do not like confrontations and can be very profitable to play against also.

      Some other categories that we place bad players in are: Loose, Calling Station (CS), and Tight. All of the different types of players can be found at Poker Fish Tracker and our website is updated regularly for changes within the poker world. We are always on the lookout for even worse poker players so that it can be even easier for everyone to take their money. We also monitor the changing styles of the players already in our existing database.Some of the worst poker players are found at,, and Poker Fish Tracker spends a lot of time searching at these major online poker finding the bad players.

      We also get the latest promotions that online poker rooms are offering so we can pass on the free money to everyone else.We encourage everyone who wants to win more money playing online poker to check out It is to your advantage to know exactly how your opponents play when you are up against them..

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