Online Poker Rigged? Find Out Just How Safe It Really Is


     (ContentDesk) August 23, 2005 -- Online Poker has become one of the largest markets on the net since opening around 1999. Many people make very good livings being either in the industry, or playing on the sites. People have often been worried about how safe it is and are they going to get hustled. Well <a href="" title="test" target="_blank"></a> is here today to tell you that online poker is as safe as going to a regular casino, or safe as putting your money in the bank. All the big sites like Party Poker, Poker Champs, Poker Stars, and so on all have random card generators that you can read about by going to their respective sites.

      None have ever reported any instance of anything bad happening to any of their customers, and none would allow their customers to take the loss. Party Poker for instance is one of the best at this. According to their site "The payment processing center uses high levels of data encryption. Our Payment Processing Center uses 128 bit encryption to ensure the highest level of privacy and confidentiality of your data both to and from the online poker room." They go on by saying, "Providing a safe and secure gaming environment to our players is vital for the success of To that end, we develop and employ state-of-the-art systems that ensure and maintain a collusion-free environment.

     The RNG (random number generator) system used by ensures that players get a fair deal each and every time. The RNG system generates innumerable permutations and combinations in the 52-card deck when dealing cards that it is virtually impossible to predict. To be considered truly random, numbers must be unpredictable and not related to each other in any way. Taking our security system to the next level is our one-of-a-kind collusion prevention system, which we created with the help of renowned poker personality Mike Sexton. Our collusion prevention system detects fraud patterns and identifies colluders.

     The system employs highly sophisticated automated tools that both detect and prevent players who try to defraud others by getting an unfair advantage over them."As you can see there is nothing unsafe about poker on the internet as long as you stay on the tip of the iceberg poker sites. To see a full list of safe online poker sites visit <a href="" title="test" target="_blank"></a>.Contact:;Brandon Berndt205-249-0825e-mail protected from spam bots.

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