Mystery Bonus Poker

Mystery Bonus Poker is like a combination of a slot machine and a video poker machine all rolled into one game. This game also gives you the chance to try for either the regular best hand, or to go for the Mystery Bonus. The Mystery Bonus is chosen very simply. Once the player clicks on the “deal” button, the Mystery Bonus reel (similar to a slot machine reel) begins to spin, and after the reel completes its spin, then 5 cards are dealt to the player. One of the paylines will be increased (and the others may be adjusted) based on the spin from the Mystery Bonus reel The player can then choose to go for the now revealed “Mystery Bonus” highlighted on the special payline or just aim for the best poker hand (using the rest of the pay table). Now, if you can play Jacks or Better Video Poker, you can play Mystery Bonus Poker. The games are identical, with the exception of the Mystery Bonus mentioned above.

There are a few variations of this game available, these variations are in number of hands played with each deal and the coin sizes offered. You can play Mystery Bonus Poker using One hand and have the choice of the coin sizes of Five Cents, Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar and Five Dollars or you can play Three hands at a time, Ten hands at a time, Fifty Two hands at a time or One Hundred hands at a time using coin sizes including One Cent, Five Cents, Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents or One Dollar. Each of these variations are played the same way as was originally explained, only with varying coin sizes and number of hands played per round.

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