SupaJax Video Poker

SupaJax Video Poker is a Progressive Video Poker game that is based on and played using the standard rules of Jacks or Better Video Poker. One of the great benefits of this game, is that it offers a fantastic Progressive Jackpot to all players who decide to make the max bet of five coins per hand! In order to win this Progressive Jackpot, you first must be making the max bet of five coins, as mentioned above, and then you need to hit Four Jacks and the SupaJax Card. If you manage to do this, the incredible Progressive Jackpot will be yours! Just be sure to remember, when you are playing SupaJax, that the SupaJax Card is NOT a Wild Card and will profit you in no way when not used with Four Jacks.

There are several great winning opportunities offered by SupaJax, that range from (not including the Progressive Jackpot) One to Five credits for Jacks or Better all the way up to 250 to 3,000 credits for a Royal Flush! With payouts like these, why would you play any other game?!?

Now that we have covered the basics of this wonderful game, it would be a good time to mention the stipulations of the game, just in case there are any questions. The first and most important rule is that you must be using your Real Player Account to play SupaJax. Second, as we have already mentioned, you must be making the five coin bet to be eligible for the Progressive Jackpot. Third, to make things simple, SupaJax has a fixed coin size of One Dollar. Next, as in all video poker games, winnings are paid out for the highest combination possible only. And finally, also as with all other online games, any malfunctions void all pays.

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