Video Poker Strategy

Unlike some other casino games, you have a good shot of increasing your win percentage if you use a reasonably simple strategy. Now, keep in mind the video poker odds  will always be in the casinos favor --however these simple guidelines should at the very least allow you to keep playing a little longer --and with a little luck you may just hit that royal flush.

Here We'll discuss the strategy for what is probably the most popular video poker game Jacks or better.

1) Select a full pay video poker game. To determine if a machine is full pay, look at the payout table (There will usually be a link to it on the main screen). Next, look at  the Flush and Full House Values. A full pay machine will show a 9/6 payout - The flush will payout  9 chips and the full house will payout 6 chips for each credit bet. Avoid any Jacks or Better Game that has less then a 9/6 payout.

2) Always bet the maximum number of chips. Virtually all Video Poker Machines payout a big bonus or jackpot for hitting a royal flush with a maximum bet. You don't get this bonus if you're betting less then the max.

3) Have a specific amount that you're willing to lose before you start playing and stick with it.

4) During each hand ---take your time. You're playing against a machine and there are no time limits, don't rush, make sure you know exactly what you have before you discard.

5) Beginners should play at the smallest coin size or try a "Play For Free" Game until they've developed a feel for the game.

When You're ready to start playing here's a few tips to help you maximize your play.

1) Hold a pair but discard the Kicker.

2) Don't draw four cards if you can draw three to a royal

3) Although it's tempting, never break a straight to draw to a straight flush.

4) Never draw five cards if you're holding a jack or better.

5) Always break a flush to draw to a Royal Flush.

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