Learn Poker Strategy.com Launches Following a Novice Poker Player as he Learns how to Play Poker and Begins Playing in $250,000 Tournaments


     (ContentDesk) August 24, 2005 -- The popularity of poker is rising with television shows ranging from the World Series of Poker to Celebrity Poker Showdown. The cable networks are beginning to rely on new poker programming to carry their primetime ratings. Dozens of poker programs are now carried on television.With so much poker on TV, many novice players are picking up the game. Poker is at an all time high. New poker players are seeking ways to learn poker without loosing a lot of money.http://LearnPokerStrategy.com is a site dedicated to sharing the lessons of poker for free with other novices.

     The site is a BLOG dedicated to the experience of a novice player who begins as one of the worst poker players to a player who can beat out 398 other contestants to win a poker tournament and free entry into a $250,000 Texas Hold Em Tournament.We follow along with Fittsy, a novice player who begins playing online for "fun money" and quickly learns the lessons necessary to make it to his first final table and eventually win his way into a major $250,000 tournament.If you are a complete novice http://LearnPokerStrategy.com will help you learn poker including the basic rules of poker such as Texas Hold Em, Omaha High Low, and Seven Card Stud. They'll also show you online poker schools where you can go to learn to play the game without risking a lot of money..

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