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Here's an article about how to play Pocket Kings. This is the first of two parts.

  Runner Runner Rage Part 2: Being on the losing end of a runner-runner in Texas Hold ‘Em is about as heavy a punch to the gut as you can get. “On Tilt” does not even begin to describe how off the game you feel at that point. […]

Here's part 1 or Runner-Runner Rage: November 2004. That was a month that almost sent my Texas Hold ‘Em game into a seemingly permanent tilt. It started off with one of my earliest memories of a truly bad beat, when my friend Tom “Lucky Draw” Shover prevented my first $100 day by beating my full house with a better […]

 Confidence is the key. How often have we heard that advice given for just about any situation? Cards are not like any other situation, but I believe this mantra is still relevant, particularly in games where your opponent is not the house, but other players at the table. You know the difference […]

  If you’re new to the world of poker, you want to play desperately but you don’t want to look too “green” then you should probably brush up on some poker terminology. You don’t have to learn how to speak a new language to look like a pro because learning just a few terms can make […]

 Anyone who has ever played poker for any amount of time knows how fickle Lady Luck can be. You peek at your cards, try not to give any sign of the incredible joy you feel washing over you like wave after wave of the ocean. Straight faced, or with as much of one […]

Mystery Bonus Poker - A combination of a slot machine and a video poker machine all rolled into one game. This game also gives you the chance to try for either the regular best hand, or to go for the Mystery Bonus. The Mystery Bonus is chosen very simply. Once the player clicks on the “deal” button, the Mystery Bonus reel...

Deuces Wild - 4 Line - A great game that is very easy to learn and to play. If you have ever played any kind of poker, whether of the video variety online or just a regular game of poker with your friends, you will find this game a cinch to learn. The object of Deuces Wild - 4 Line is to obtain a five-card poker hand that has...

Double Double Jackpot Poker - A Jacks or Better variation. If you have ever played any other variation of Jacks or Better, then you understand the concept of the game, if not, this article is designed to introduce you to the game. The objective of the game is to make the best possible poker hand with the cards that...

Pick ‘Em Poker -  This video poker game deals the player two single cards from left to right and then deals two sets of cards that each have 3 cards in them. The player’s job is to choose between these two set...

Texas Hold'em: We've collected some of our best hold'em tips, articles and resources right here. Have A Look!

Omaha Hi Low: Here's our resources related to another great version of poker. Enjoy!

Overview of Omaha Hi-Lo - Omaha Hi-Lo (also known as Omaha 8 or better) is often times viewed as maybe one of the most complicated popular poker games. It is a game that, even more than regular Omaha poker, invites action from every level of player. This is the main reason why a once obscure, abstract game has increased in popularity so rapidly.

Best Poker Tools: Online poker is a lot of fun, but what's more fun? How about winning some cash!?! Well that's where this new breed of software comes in. Tools like caculatem, poker spy and pokerbility sit by while you play online poker and help you make the correct betting decisions. I’ve tried several of these tools, my favorite is pokerbility. I like pokerbility a lot, it's really a best of breed poker tool. Here’s a quick overview of the software and how you can get your own –absolutely free.

Omaha High Low Basic Strategy - Omaha Hi-Lo is an interesting and complex game, but one that because of that very nature offers some basic and easy strategies to come ahead in the long run. Because of all the cards in play, and the fact that often times there are two winning hands and the pot will split, a lot of action is created in Omaha Hi-Lo, and even the best pros in the world disagree vastly on strategies, sometimes even offering conflicting advice.

All American Poker - All American Poker is a Standard Jacks or Better-Style Video Poker Game. This game is played with one standard 52 card deck and offers a Jackpot of 4,000 coins. There are a variety of coin sizes to choose from when playing this fantastic form of video poker, including Twenty Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars and Five Dollars. All of these choices give each player both an opportunity to play no matter their bank roll and an opportunity to choose just how much they want to...

Jackpot Deuces Video Poker - Jackpot Deuces Video Poker is an easy to play Video Poker game that is played with a standard 52 - card deck. The main difference between this game and other Jacks or Better type games is that the Deuces (Twos) in the deck are all wild. Anytime that one or more deuces...

SupaJax Video Poker - SupaJax Video Poker is a Progressive Video Poker game that is based on and played using the standard rules of Jacks or Better Video Poker. One of the great benefits of this game, is that it offers a fantastic Progressive Jackpot to all players who decide to make the max bet of five coins per hand! In order to win this Progressive Jackpot, you first must be making the max bet of five coins, as mentioned above, and then you need to hit Four Jacks and the SupaJax Card. If you manage to do this...

Just added The Evolution of Video Poker An article about how video poker has changed over the years.

Online Gambling Reviews: Here's a review of a new site dedicated to online gambling reviews.

Think You're Ready To Play At A Pokerroom For The First Time? Read Insider Tips For Finding A Great Online Poker Room before you play.

Video Poker combines both Luck and skill. The luck part is the cards that are randomly dealt to the player. The skill part encompasses much more then simply knowing what to hold and what to fold. In this article we'll discuss some of the things every video poker player should be doing, regardless of their game play strategy... Read More to Improve Your Winning Percentage Immediately.

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Breakaway Casino  With over 49 games, including some of the best Video Poker On the web, this is one of our favorite Online Casino. Read our full review of Breakaway...

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