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No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Strategy (Play Video Poker)
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No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Strategy

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Pre Flop Decisions

Let’s start out by saying the perfect Hold’em strategy simply does NOT exist. There is no magic bullet, or plan that will take you from absolute beginner to WSOP champion in 30 days or less. If you see things like this advertised somewhere —avoid them.

Ironically, one big reason why there is no perfect strategy is that there are just too many bad players out there. Bad players don’t fold when they should, they can’t be intimidated because they often simply don’t know how good or bad their hand really is. They come to play and that’s what they do —play. To the frustration of those of us who actually try to learn and improve our games, these loose cannons occasionally win. Not because of any real skill, but simply because they picked up a few lucky cards.

With that said here’s a simple strategy that I use at the start of a tournament. It is a very tight strategy of play; I’ll wind up folding most of my hands pre-flop. However, when I do play, I almost always play aggressively. So Here goes:

1) Play any pair 2,2 to A,A.

2) Play A,K (big slick) and A,Q

3) Play Ace, anything suited (Ace of Diamonds And 3 of Diamonds)

Sounds pretty simple right, well it is but there are a few other guidelines that I follow…

First, I’ll (almost) always come in for a raise when I have a high pair (9,9 or better) A,K or A,Q. The only exceptions to this are when other players keep raising. If I’m holding A,A or A,K, I’ll probably stay in no matter what. However, if I’m holding 10,10 and facing a raise, re-raise situation, I’ll probably fold.

Next, Lower pairs (8,8 or lower) and A, anything suited. If the players before me are calling, I’ll usually come in for a raise on this hand. If there is a reasonable raise on the table, I may call just to see the flop. However, I’ll usually fold this in a raise, re-raise situation.

Bet Size: I try to be consistent with my pre-flop betting. It’s not a good practice to base the amount of your pre-flop raises on the hand you’re holding. This will obviously give your opponents too much information about how good your hand is. When I go in for a raise, it’s usually for around three times the big blind. I’ll bet this amount whether my hand is A,A or 7,7.

Table Position: If I’m in one of the blinds, I’m more likely to stick around to see a flop. If I have a bad or marginal hand, I’ll obviously check when I can, or call if I’m small blind and no one else had raised.

That’s about it. Remember this strategy assumes it’s early in the tournament and the table is full or almost full. Things change later on, when there are fewer players and the blinds are higher. Read about that in the next installment of the Texas Hold’em Pre-flop Strategy.

For an overview of an Online Texas Hold’em Tournament Click Here!

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11 Responses to “No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament Strategy”

  1. No Limit Texas Hold’em Strategy 2 (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] As the tournament progresses two things start to happen; players get eliminated and the blinds go up. This is a double whammy, because with fewer players, the growing blinds come around quicker. In other words, the later it gets in the tournament, the more expensive playing tight becomes. At this point, playing the tight hold’em strategy I outlined in my last post will probably start to cost you money. We need to make a few adjustments! […]

  2. Playing Multiple Online Poker Tables (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] Firstly, and most importantly, is that you should probably employ a consistent and otherwise boring game strategy. If you like to open 3 or 4 windows at a time like I do, you won?t have much time for complicated moves and brilliant tactical plans. For starters, you won?t really be able to study the opponents at your table so you can?t make many adjustments based on their playing styles. While playing multiple tables, you?ll mostly have to play your position and your cards. To stay focused, play in a consistent pattern and play usually play certain hands the same way. […]

  3. How to win at poker (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] A good poker player knows how to play tight. This means that he should fold bad hands quickly and aggressively play good hands. If he has a bad hand, he must get out early and not wait it out and hope that the cards will turn his way because they rarely do. On the other hand if he has a good hand then he must stay in and bet high. […]

  4. How to Play Pocket Kings (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] Pocket kings are a hand that requires a lot of strategy to play correctly.  The only starting hand that is more powerful is pocket aces, though some players, including some pros, are strong believers that A-K is just as good.  Still, when you start off a round of Texas Hold ‘Em, there aren’t too many hands that you would rather see.  Pre-flop, pocket kings are considered a dominant hand.  It is correct to always raise or re-raise no matter where you are sitting at table.  This is true of no-limit games, and always true of limit games. […]

  5. Why you shouldnt bet in poker (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] Don’t bother playing just because you’re curious to know what the other players have. If you do not think that you have a good hand, get out. This is called tight play. Tight play is what the good players do: they play hard when their hand is good or get out when their hand is bad. […]

  6. How to play texas holdem (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] If you are wondering what is a good hand to play, a good rule of thumb is this: if you got a hand that you’d be happy about in blackjack, then you’ve probably got a decent hand in Texas Hold’em. That’s not a perfect rule, but it’s a good place to start. Another way people decide if it’s a good hand is if they get a pair or if they get a face card with a second card. Either of these hands, too, will make for a hand with some potential. After everyone has received their first two cards, there is a round of betting. […]

  7. Value Betting | Texas Holdem (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] Finally, value betting in Texas Hold’em is a more advanced technique that can add to your bankroll –in the long run. It’s not an end all poker strategy, it’s a tool that can be effective if used properly. […]

  8. Marginal starting hands in Holdem (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] To decide how to proceed we need to first define what a marginal hand is. This can be a tricky matter as your hand is often as good as your opponents think it is, in relation to their own hand –follow that? What I mean is, if your opponent(s) are meek players, and you’ve followed a tight poker strategy and have cultivated a tight table reputation, then any bet from you will probably scare them off, if they’re not confident in their own hand. However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll assume that a marginal starting hand is a hand that can turn into something good if we hit the flop. This could be a low pair –say deuce through four, suited connectors (6h,7h) or 1 face card and a low card off suit. Any of these hands could turn into something good after the flop but are probably not the best hand pre-flop. […]

  9. A Matter of Suits (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] For other players, the preference is actually subconscious. I generally play conservatively, but I like to chase flushes, so I will make a lot of cheap calls to see cards. There’s one exception. For some reason, I found I always threw away diamonds. While for many people their minds are wired to think well of spades, mine was actually wired to throw away junk diamonds, and even some mid-ranged ones. Knowing this pattern has made me realize that others can also have the same trait. […]

  10. Survive and Thrive” Tournament Strategy (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] Tournament play is much different from table play in poker , and even the specific type and set up of the tournament will dictate what kind of a strategy a player should take. While every tournament and every table demands a different specific strategy, one of the few tournament strategies that can generally consistently works for a large series of players is the survive and thrive strategy. Survive and thrive is exactly that: you thrive in the tournament and make the money not by playing wildly and doubling up ten times, but by avoiding playing as often as possible, playing extremely conservatively, and then playing hard only when you have a strong advantage. […]

  11. Online Texas Hold’em – Cash Games verses Tournaments (Play Video Poker) Says:

    […] So as you can see, if you’re a “thinking player”, it makes perfect sense that your game will improve once you try tournament play. I’d advise any newbie poker player to first study the basics of the game then learn a tight Texas Hold’em strategy, then jump in to the exciting world of no-limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. card games Gambling Articles online poker playing poker poker rooms Poker School Pokerrooms Texas holdem Texas Holdem Strategy texas holdem poker tournament strategy tournamentsTags: Pokerrooms, Gambling Articles, Poker School […]

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